Global Photography, Portsmouth Pride

Global Photography, Portsmouth Pride

LGBTQ+ Breaks in Hampshire

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Seeking a gay friendly destination with a very diverse community feel?

With select events and venues that are LGBTQ+ friendly, Hampshire is the new essential destination with a friendly and distinguished LGBTQ+ scene

Hampshire is not only known for its attractive landscape and unsurpassable local produce, it is also famed for it’s ever growing diverse culture – notably the prominent LGBTQ+ scene that continues to grow which in effect has put Hampshire on the map as an LGBTQ+ destination

The LGBTQ+ scene in Hampshire, although compact, is perhaps the most diverse in terms of cultural mix and age. Furthermore the LGBTQ+ scene is backed by venues – which include bars and pubs that fly the rainbow flag – and LGBTQ+ events notably Hampshire Pride, and Southampton Pride which returned to the city in 2016 after two decades without the dearly loved event.

LGBTQ+ Venues in Hampshire

The LGBTQ+ venues in Hampshire are definitely the buttresses of the community. Right on the corner of Oxford Street in Southampton, one of the county’s best dining location sits the campiest and friendliest pub; The London Hotel. The London is the ultimate place to be for a chilled drink and pub grub accompanied with entertainment, the pub regularly holds cabouret nights. The venue is also known for its ales but more importantly, The London is well known for its popular cabaret drag shows which are enjoyed by many, straight and gay every week.

For wild nights out, where you are surely to make a new friend or two, it is crucial you and your posse visit either The Edge in Southampton or Hampshire Boulevard in the city of Portsmouth.  The Edge, which opened in 1995 offers exquisite cocktails and food during the day night time the club is transformed into the most popular LGBTQ+ club in the city, complete with a room for Karaoke and a main room for dancing and socialising.

Pride Festivals in Hampshire

To seal the community spirit and the acceptance of LGBTQ+ culture in the county, Hampshire is also home to three pride parades, Hampshire Pride which takes place in Winchester annually on February, Portsmouth Pride in June and Southampton Pride which also takes place annually but in the month of August. These family friendly events have proven to be popular amongst the local community no matter what their sexual orientation is and the number of attendees continues to grow every year.

Look out for other LGBTQ+ friendly events such as Eurovision parties, fundraisers and local events too. Keep up-to-date with what's going on by browsing our events lisings

So if you’re wishing to visit a friendly, diverse and accepting region – visit Hampshire this year, the county that proudly waves the rainbow flag.