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We brought back our Winter Photography Competition for 2021 - and our photographers did not disappoint! We were overwhelmed by the number of photos that were submitted, especially with the government restrictions that were in place. It just goes to show how lucky we are to have all this outstanding beauty on our doorsteps! 
After extensive judging, we are so excited to announce our winner and high-commended runners-up for this year's Winter Photography Competition. 

A huge thank you, to all those who entered!

WINNER: Amanda Norfolk - The New Forest

"Ponies in the Snow - Taken quickly, as two New Forest ponies came trotting up the hill behind us as we were coming back from a walk. Love their shadows in the snow and the landscape and skies behind"  

Instagram: @acornsandscapes

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Runners Up

George Hill - Beacon Hill, Highclere Castle

"Taken in November when the last of the Autumn leaves were clinging on I caught these friends walking along Beacon Hill and had to capture it."

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Claire Sheppard - Ashley Walk, The New Forest 

"A frosty winters walk."

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Highly-commended entries: 

Alex Holden - Longmoor area, East Hampshire 

"Snow buddies. Two stunning animals that caught my eye through some very heavy snowfall. I love this image as it is so simple but gave me such a wintery, Christmas like feel! The forests we have around here are so special and meeting animals like this on a walk makes them all the more inviting. This was the last image of the morning as my camera has turned into a big block of ice!" 

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Cherie Cheeseman - Idsworth, St Hurberts Church 

"Tranquil little church on a frosty winter morning." 

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Andy Connelly - Southsea Seafront 

"This photo was taken on Southsea seafront just across from canoe lake on the morning of 11th February. I saw the sky from my kitchen window and rushed out for my morning cycle. I got to the seafront just as this raging snowcloud was encroaching on our beach, cutting off what looked like a beautiful sunrise. I loved the contrast of the scene, and it was absolutely freezing!" 

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Linda Churchill - Fawley Inclosure, The New Forest.   

"A Winters sunrise!" 

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Steve Cannings - Portsmouth Historic Dockyard  

"HMS Warrior reflecting on the final glimpse of the sun as it sets behind Her " 

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Mark Richards - Rhienfield, The New Forest 

"It depicts a very frosty morning just after sunrise the golden light trying to burst through after the mist had lifted, A new forest pony is on the move in search of something better." 

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Marcin Jedrysiak - Southsea 

"Early morning shoot on Southsea showing wintery area and Southsea Castle." 

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Anna Parker - Farley Mount 

"This was an early morning walk up Farley mount and we had the place to ourselves. The blue sky was just sneaking out of the mist when we were there. Our little one loved throwing the mud from mole hills and running up the little tracks to the monument." 

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Antony Lowe - Stoney Cross, New Forest 

"A frozen Andrews Mare Pond during the cold snap in February at sunset." 

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Jo Grimes - Stoke Charity, Winchester 

"I often visit this pond with my camera at sunrise on cold winter mornings. It has a very peaceful ambience and the morning mist often hangs over the water. On this particular day the swans came to see me just as the sun rose." 

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Shiobhain Ryan - The Holy Ghost Cemetery, Basingstoke  

"A beautiful spot, especially when it snows!  It’s nice to have a spot like this in the centre of the town." 

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Sarah Glover - Cranstone Park, Eastleigh 

"2020/2021 the year of social distancing." 

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Lauren Reid - Hinton Ampner, Alresford 

"Lovely blue skies to brighten up the start to the New Year at Hinton." 

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Helen Hamilton - Burley, The New Forest 

"Puddle pony." 

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Rhiannon Sievwright - Spice Island, Portsmouth

"This photo was taken at Spice Island in Old Portsmouth in January on one of those “all seasons at once” type of days we get in the Winter! You can see this with the sunset and moody skies above the iconic Spinnaker Tower." 

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Laura Jackson - Ashley Walk, The New Forest

"New Forest ponies in the cold morning mist." 

Find out more about The New Forest

Ollie Shaw - Farlington Marshes, Portsmouth

"A local getaway spot that transports you from city life to silence, space, and nature. Anyone that’s made sunrise at this location will know the quiet and peace that comes with being able to walk carefully, without trail. This was amplified on a morning with delicate white frosting that transformed the landscape with a new and very fresh face." 

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Claire Sheppard  - Godshill, The New Forest 

"Sunrise on Godshill" 

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Charlotte Cohen - Danebury Hillfort, the Test Valley

"The photo was taken on an iPhone and just shows that you don’t need a big fancy camera to capture a beautiful image. " 

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